Music Christmas Tree

christmas and song

Music ornament Christmas Tree, designed for creative Christian background in green and red background.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year

night xmas

Another image for greeting xmas template for this Christmas moment. Forest and lake with big moon and falling snow.

Pohon Natal Background

gambar natal

xmas tree

Christian image for this Christmas season. Xmas tree for powerpoint background in best resolution image quality.

X’mas Tree on Christmas Tree

background xmas

An ornament of Christmas tree for Christian powerpoint background. It has large resolution and fit to 1600 x 1200 pixels. The image match to the topics for Jesus Christ, Christmas Day, Jesus born and Christian theme.

Cat Background Template for Pet Lovers

Cat silhouette in yellow color background. Adopt a shelter cat theme for animal / pet lovers. This cat powerpoint background has 1600 x 1200 size for high quality presentation image.
animal theme powerpoints

Red Rose in Black Template

Red rose image in black background template. This bloom flower powerpoint image match to the topics of rose, flower, love and beauty.
flower background

Family Theme for PPT template

Lighting decoration theme, fonts or letters art design for powerpoint ppt. This image background designed for Family Month powerpoint slide template. Created at high quality jpeg at 1600×1200 pixels.
letters design background

Ice Tea Drink Background

beverages background

Ice tea drink background for powerpoint template image collection. This yellow background match to the topics of beverages, drink, lemon, food, health and fruit background.

Fruits Background Template

Fruits image ( banana, pineapple, melon ) for background template. This powerpoint image good for health, fruits, food and similar topics.
fruit template background

Building Powerpoint Background Image

building powerpoints

Rainbow and building powerpoint background image. You can use this ppt template for architecture topics. You can use dark colors font and add white outer glow or stroke effect for better appearance to view at projector slides.